Jan 31, 2013

sullen squirrel

Sullen squirrel in a suit. Drinking scotch. BOOM. Do I need more explanation? I think not. We're done here.

Jan 29, 2013

triple C morning!

Chessmasters goes waaay back to a time much simpler than this. MIAD. Fourth floor. Illustration studio. *sigh*  We had a scoreboard (which I'm sort of glad to be rid of since the score was embarrassingly one-sided) and enjoyed our Triple C mornings (that's chess, coffee, and cookies), which has now I think been officially changed to CCN mornings (chess, coffee, and nuts?). Doesn't quite roll off the tongues as nicely, but it'll do.
Sorry, Pietro, I couldn't draw you winning that first game because I was just so excited to get a win in before you drop the hammer. To everyone else: I did not actually dance on the chair. Though I probably should have...

Jan 19, 2013

I heart music!

I told you - crazy random assortment of songs. And I have to reiterate: She Wolf is an amazing song. And the video... Oh man, the video rocks. my. socks. I can't stop watching. It's gots wolfies in it! XD I'm obsessed... (And yes - I know, I know. Kesha is on this list... I reeeeally dislike Kesha. But that song has a good beat and it's soooo catchy!)

Jan 1, 2013

christmas for the kiddos!

I have a nephew and two nieces that all got some homemade presents from me this Christmas - including some hand-embroidered felt ornaments! yay! And ever since my nephew was born (almost 3 years ago), I've always taken his gifts, wrapped them in brown kraft paper, and drawn on them with sharpie and paint markers, so now I do it for all of them. Beckett is the only one who's old enough to recognize the drawings, but I still like to do it. Love those kiddos :3