Nov 27, 2012

gettin' crafty

I got a bit of work done this weekend, though not as much as I had hoped. For the last couple years, I've been making my own wrapping paper by drawing with sharpie and white paint markers onto brown kraft paper - but this year I'm gettin' all fancy and making my own stamps to make my wrapping paper :D  I carved these stamps out of super cheapo erasers and I must say, I think they're terribly cute.

pie art :3

For Thanksgiving this year, I busied myself making all of the desserts - homemade pumpkin, apple and cherry pies. Holy Yum. And with the leftover scraps of pie dough, I cut out some leaves and deer and proceeded to cute-ify my pumpkin pie! We'll just go ahead and consider it edible art :) Delicious, delicious art... Om nom nom

Nov 6, 2012

wild ride

Yeah, because that's how horses talk... 

So, I spent this weekend visiting friends (human and equine) that I haven't seen in a while and had a ridiculously fun time. :) We all went for a trail ride on Saturday afternoon, then later we played some games, had some drinks and a lot of laughs. Then there was Sunday - HO boy...  Got to ride Kirsten's amazing barrel racing horse, Slapshot, for the first time ever. Rode him bareback, no bridle - just halter and reins. Great horse. Lovely to ride. Unless he's bolting down forest trails... 

Though I made it through the woods without any major mishaps (except for sideswiping another horse and rider - sorry again!) - the pasture was another story... Heading up a giant hill, I think Slapshot and Calibur decided they wanted to race to the top. Off Slapshot went, barreling up the hill.  He won. I didn't. Instead, I had a rather rough and painful introduction to the ground, which required several shots of whiskey in my coffee afterward to soothe. It wasn't too terrible at the time, but has since resulted in a bruised and sore lower back, and some mean whiplash...